How To Effectively Replace Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Many people who have just started wearing hearing aids aren't happy at the life of their batteries. Many people compare their hearing aid batteries to watch batteries and expect them to last for the same amount of time, since they are a similar size and shape. This is inaccurate because hearing aids need a lot more power than watches in order to function correctly.

Hearing aid batteries, depending on the size, will last between a few days to more than three weeks. However, people need to realize that their hearing aids are drawing much more power from their batteries for more than a dozen hours a time every day, whereas watches only require a little bit of power from their batteries. In order to reduce the annoyance of having a dead hearing aid battery, here are some tips to effectively replace your hearing aid batteries.

1. Decide If You Want to Stagger Your Batteries

If you have hearing aids in both of your ears, you can make the decision to stagger your batteries so that you increase the chances that one hearing aid battery will still have power even if your other hearing aid's battery runs out of juice. This is helpful if you are very distressed when you cannot hear at all and don't keep spare batteries on you.

If you do keep spare hearing aid batteries on your person or find only being able to hear out of one ear more irritating than not being able to hear at all, then you will always want to replace your hearing aid batteries at the same time.

2. Mark When Your Batteries Die On Your Calendar

If you only need a little bit of power from your batteries, they will last for a few days. This can make it difficult to predict when your hearing aid is going to stop working. Get into a battery replacement schedule by marking the day whenever your hearing aid battery stops working on the calendar. After a month, you should have gathered enough data to make an informed estimate regarding how long you can go between battery changes.

3. Use a Battery Tester

Finally, you can use a battery tester in order to check the amount of power your hearing aid battery has left every morning when you wake up to decide if you should bring spare batteries or make a replacement. Testers can be purchased online or at a hardware store.

For more information, talk to your hearing aid manufacturer. He or she will be able to estimate the battery life for your hearing aid. To find out more about hearing aids, speak with a company like Bentley Hearing Services.