Dialysis At Home: What To Look For In A Machine

When you are on dialysis for your kidney function needs, you have to go to a kidney dialysis treatment center periodically to flush your kidneys and keep your body healthy. If your condition is worsening or you find yourself having to leave your home to get treatment on the regular, your medical needs start to interfere with your family, working, and personal life.

You can do dialysis at home with the approval of your doctor and the right equipment. When you do at-home treatments for your kidney condition, your medical supply specialist shows you how to use the equipment and helps you set your machine up so you're ready to go safely. Here are things to look for in a machine for doing at-home dialysis care.


If you need a machine that can move with you, consider a portable piece of equipment. These medical devices are typically smaller than traditional kidney flushing and treatment systems and are easier to carry, allowing you to be able to move around your home so you can care for children, work from home, or perform other smaller independent tasks even when you are hooked up for your dialysis treatment.

A portable machine also comes in handy if you travel a lot and need to perform kidney care away from home. You'll learn how to set up your portable machinery so you can hook up anywhere, like in a hotel room or someone's house when you are visiting.

You'll need your doctor's permission to use a portable machine, because your treatments may require you to sit still so you don't put your body under too much strain while receiving at-home care. Discuss your options with your doctor and medical supplier so you choose the right unit for your needs.


There are many brands of medical equipment to consider, including Baxter. Every brand has their own style of home dialysis machinery for kidney function as well as price. You want to explore your options and confer with your medical insurance agent to see what brands and price limits are covered so you get a machine you can easily afford. Your medical supply specialist will be able to show you how various models work for comparison.

You can take care of your kidney function at home to allow you to conveniently receive the medical treatments you need. Explore your options before choosing a machine that meets your requirements for kidney care.