6 Things To Know About The Muscle Flexion Support System

Maintaining mobility in the legs is essential for maintaining independence. The muscle flexion support system was designed for patients with mobility problems in the legs. It is an ideal solution for many patients who struggle with basic activities requiring the legs such as walking and standing. The following are six important things to know about the muscle flexion support system to determine if it's right for you: 1. The System Was Designed to Help Those Who Are Suffering from Weakness or Injury in the Hip Flexor Muscles

Dialysis At Home: What To Look For In A Machine

When you are on dialysis for your kidney function needs, you have to go to a kidney dialysis treatment center periodically to flush your kidneys and keep your body healthy. If your condition is worsening or you find yourself having to leave your home to get treatment on the regular, your medical needs start to interfere with your family, working, and personal life. You can do dialysis at home with the approval of your doctor and the right equipment.